Discover H&H Editors’ favorite vintage Finds!

Keen-eyed house & home editors love a good hunt, whether it’s stalking the well-trodden trail of the World’s longest yard Sale (interiors director Meg Crossley‘s go-to haunt), an auction, or the Christie Antique show closer to home. but what catches their fancy? read on to see the major scores that made them make a purchase and never look back.

“Vintage pewter is something I collect and have throughout my house. I love the depth of color (which is deeper the older the piece) and the weight in your hand, both of which make me feel connected to the history of design.”

— Meg Crossley, Interiors Director

Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Source: house & home October 2010

Designer: Meg Crossley

“If I could spend every weekend poking around antique markets I’d be in heaven. I practically count down the days until the spring and fall Christie Antique Market  and looking back I’d say my best score was this vintage brass and nude leather Arrben chair. It’s practically too pretty to sit on — almost.”

— Emily Evans, associate Editor

Photographer: Keiran Darcy

“I was on the hunt for a while, but am pleased I finally found this walnut sideboard from Guff in Toronto. It’s on the narrow side, so fits nicely in my dining room, and also has enough storage for my serveware. I also love the brass detailing and delicate legs.”

— Lauren Petroff, design Editor

While antiquing at MacCool’s in prince Edward County, I came across this painting by Albert Eastman, and just had to have it. The colors in the piece remind me of the bold shades you’d find in a Matisse painting. Because of some small paper damage, it was a total steal!

— Adena Leigh, web Editor

“I’m quite partial to a vintage green glass vase I purchased for a song years ago. I’ve actually used it to style much more than one shoot. . . shhhhhh!”

— Kai Ethier, design Editor

Fotograf: Valerie Wilcox

Source: house & home may 2016

“I uncovered this authentic egg basket in the massive Maumee Antique mall while going to friends in Ohio. I purchased it for the graphic tin label, but the sculptural shape and rusty finish is ideal on our cherry bookshelf.”

— Wendy Jacob, features Editor

“You can find really charming, inexpensive vintage art that’s already in a incredible frame. one of my favorite pieces is a framed frog print from found style in Toronto. I found it at their pop-up shop, Instagrammed a shot of it, and then, in a regretful moment of thriftiness, didn’t spend the $50 to purchase it. Months later, I received the print as a birthday present from my friend Tara, who had secretly rushed out to purchase it for me (thanks again Tara)! ”

— Kimberley Brown, executive Editor

“My favorite many recent vintage purchase is a concrete bust of woman by an unknown artist. I found it at my favorite consignment shop, Elle & Eve. It’s one-of-a-kind, and the ideal conversation piece in my back garden.”

— Joel Bray, senior design Editor

“I loved this old Quebec yearn tallboy the moment I saw it. The color and detail in the construction are spot on, plus it provides just the best amount of storage I need in my bedroom at the cottage.”

— Morgan Michener, senior Editor”Ich habe auf einem Paar Globuslampen auf Kijiji für 15 Dollar gelernt! Ich liebe den Leuchten des Lichts, den sie in meinem launischen Schlafzimmer geben. Das Rouge Pink Bubble Glass Teller ist eine weitere Punktzahl, die ich im Value Village gefunden habe. ”

– Jennifer Koper, Design-Editor

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