Automated house 2.0 – #03 What tech Is great sufficient to take to the new Build?

When we revealed we’d offered the Automated house rather a few of you asked what products we were taking with us. It’s a fantastic question, what tech have we deemed great sufficient to handle to the Automated house two point oh.

I have a feeling I will be reviewing this topic before we’ve made all our tech decisions for the new house, however for now, right here are the products we didn’t offer or leave behind.

Das Regal

The rack in Node Zero was cleared of its 3 x 4U servers as well as an ancient rack install UPS. all of these had been changed off years ago. I offered the servers on FreeCycle however nobody came ahead so they went to recycling in the end

But a number of products out of the rack were packed as much as include us. The new Draytek router as well as the brilliant combo of our Synology NAS along with the Mac mini that’s been performing our Plex Server duties perfectly for the past 5 years. The just recently acquired HDHomeRun link Quatro is coming too.

We took this smaller APC UPS out of the rack as well as brought it with us (it’s had its battery replaced since we reviewed it in 2010). Not sure if it will be utilized or not as we may end up replacing it with a little rack install UPS in the new house, something such as this one perhaps.

Here’s a picture of the rather bare looking rack as we left it, with just the patch panels as well as network switch remaining. I’ll definitely be looking for a switch with some PoE ports next time.

I’ll requirement a much smaller rack in the new location too, something such as this wall install system perhaps. however more on that nearer the time.

Other Winners

Our much loved Husqvarna Automowers were not getting left behind! Elon as well as Musk are safely kept as well as prepared for their next eco-friendly challenge. I left the details of our regional installer for the new owners, as well as with their limit as well as guide wires already installed, it would only be an hours task to get them up as well as running with robots of their own.

We’ve had a Sonos System in the Automated house since 2005 and it’s been one more star buy. All the zones have been packed up as well as are prepared for the new home too.

Our WiFi was provided by the excellent Ubiquiti UniFi system as well as it has just been re-deployed in our temporary lodging as has our AppKettle. We’re likewise rolling out a few of our Philips hue illumination right here too.

We brought all the Amazon Echo units in addition to the Google Home. We’ve added the new Google house Hub to that collection as well as it’s impossible to choose which method to go between these leading 2 voice manage systems. I assumption we should truly choose one method or the other though.

We’re planning a MVHR system in the AH2.0 as well as so we’re particularly keen to keep an eye on air quality. So the excellent Foobot likewise makes the cut, as do the variety of Eve HomeKit modules such as this new 2nd generation Eve space unit. Our energy screen of option in the old home was the Smappee as well as its coming along too.

Bonus Mentions

Although we left it in the new house, this PIR Bulb in the hot press (airing cupboard) was really one of the most useful bit automations in the home as well as something we’d still extremely recommend.

And if we were going to be utilizing a similar heating system in the new location (spoiler, we won’t be) then we’d likewise re-buy the excellent Honeywell evohome too.

Das war’s. whatever else was either left behind or went into the eBay pile. I will have to take a decision on what the primary system will be in the new home as well as my concepts are developing quite well at this point. however more on that in a future post.

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